Sidewalk Shuffle – Ken Brooke (Fred Kaps) – Exclusive


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Image Shows Both Versions – Sidewalk Shuffle and Sidewalk Re-Shuffled – (a version for corporate magic).  This SKU represents the standard sidewalk shuffled. 

Beautifully directed, routined and presented by Fred Kaps – exclusively available at Stevens Magic Emporium as part of the Ken Brooke Magic Range.

EFFECT: the performer shows three large, blank cards. One of these cards is then placed on the table, or behind the lapel. The Ace of Clubs is now introduced and placed between the two blank cards. The position of each card is clearly shown. No questions asked – the Ace just melts away. Next, the performer holds three cards, each of which are shown separately, all are blank! The cards on the table are turned over – it’s the missing Ace! A blank card is again placed on the table. The Ace of Clubs is again placed between two blank cards. The position of each card is again shown.

Yet again the Ace of Clubs is able to find it’s way back to the table, where it is found again? A card is placed on the table. The Ace of Clubs is openly placed between the two blank cards. The three cards are shuffled. Immediately following the shuffle each of the three cards are shown in turn. Yes – believe it or not – each of the cards has now become The Ace of Clubs! The performer holds the three Aces. The card on the table proves to be – “the only blank card of the four!”

This is truly amazing magic, it just doesn’t get any more baffling or amazing then Ken Brooke’s Sidewalk Shuffle.

Can be performed under almost every known working condition and requires absolutely no sleight of hand. Each card is printed using top quality materials, with measurements of 10 1/2″ x 6.” Thus it’s large enough for theatre yet can easily be used in close up work as well.

The manuscript was written in the world famous Ken Brooke award winning style with top of the line drawings by the art editor of “Pabular.”

Note: Regular Size Cards in Photo included for Scale only.

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