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“One of the very few devices I carry with me everywhere I go. And it’s one of the essential gimmicks I recommend to all Mentalists.”Bob Cassidy

“…One of the top ten creations ever for the working mentalist.”Docc Hilford

“Simply the best. It has been with me on a daily basis. It has never left my side and never will.” Garrett Thomas

Mark Strivings

The hottest utility item in decades! You get a business card case that looks completely normal but allows invisible access from the outside to the inside. It can be handled completely normally and casually and will not reveal its’ workings. It is very low tech, so nothing can go wrong. The access is built into the design of the case and allows for literally hundreds of effects and applications. You can perform nail (or boon) writing, pocket writing, billet switches, loading and unloading billets, peeks and glimpses of written material, double writing applications, as well as dozens of others that have yet to be discovered.

Your case comes with a 20 page booklet of some of Mark Strvings handlings, as well as descriptions of several techniques that will allow for any number of original effects.It’s available in black only.

“For walk around there is not a more well designed tool. It is the ultimate wallet to use in combination with pocket writing.” – Banachek

“…a masterpiece.”Marc Spelmann

“One of the most useful items in my toolkit.”Eric Mead

“…my ‘go-to’ peek wallet.” Jeff McBride

More from Bob Cassidy:

The SUC is among the best utility devices ever devised for mentalists.While it was primarily designed as a peek device, it is also perfect for pocket writing as well as stealing and loading folded billets. In fact, the latter is, in my opinion, the most powerful and subtle use of the device. It’s a completely innocent appearing business card case and is excellently made to last.

After all these years and so many other wallets and cases, I stand by my original statement… Sight Unseen Case is one of the top ten creations ever for the working mentalist.”

I’ve tried most of the other peek wallets that use Mark’s original idea. Billfolds, secretary style and even other business card cases, but I always end up going back to SUC.

It’s compact size works better in a suit, it’s a simple yet beautiful case and the quality is so high I’m still using the originals I got from Mark over 20 years ago!

“In my opinion as a professional mentalist who earns his living on stage and at the table, you can’t beat the SUC.” – Docc Hilford

“I have used the Sight Unseen Case for the last 20 years. For all of that time I have performed 5-7 venues and shows a week 10-40 close up performances a day. Every group I’ve performed for I have pulled out the SUC, so the term “time tested” is an understatement. This case has been to hell and back with me. I mention this to point out the quality I am still using my first one I have not yet needed to grab a back up case. It still looks as good as the day I got it!

“There have been many methods over the years to get needed information, I have experimented with many, but always something is lacking, they may have had great concept but the quality is not there or batteries die out or the look of the tool has gone out of style.

“The simplicity of this method should not be overlooked yet when I have tried other wallets and cases that use a similar method, they have fallen short for me. There is something about this particular size, look, and quality that make the Sight Unseen Case stand way out, I have never seen its match, nothing has even come close.

“The Sight Unseen Case is simply the best. It has been with me on a daily basis. It has never left my side and never will.” – Garrett Thomas!

“I have owned many wallets through years, many of them wonderful, but the SUC is the only wallet I have continuously used and still do use for close up walk around. Its size is perfect, its secret hidden. For walk around there is not a more well designed tool. It is the ultimate wallet to use in combination with pocket writing.” – Banachek!

“Uncluttered, original and as brilliant today as it was over a decade ago. Mark’s SUC was my first business card peek wallet. The simplicity and deceptiveness make it workable, reliable and totally natural. It was and is a masterpiece.” – Marc Spelmann!

“One of the most useful items in my toolkit. In fact, it lives in my pocket, and I rarely leave home without it.” – Eric Mead

“I’ve been working with the Sight Unseen Case for over 10 years. It is now my ‘go-to’ peek wallet.” – Jeff McBride!

“I have been waiting to write these words for more than 10 years:

The Sight Unseen Case is back – From Mark Strivings

I am going to be immodest. The Sight Unseen Case is THE most versatile, most devious, most innocent looking gaffed business card case ever created. Its stunning simplicity simply cannot be beaten for sheer function and ease of working. There is quite literally no end to what you can do with it. It’s like having a toolkit in your shirt pocket. All this, and it is still the most natural looking device of its kind ever. There will never be an equal.

Now that I’ve got that off my chest…

Without question, the single most sought-after, desired, borderline-mythical product in the magic and mentalism community for the last nearly 20 years has been The Sight Unseen Case, or SUC as it has long been known. It has been off the market for well over a decade, and even after all this time, rarely does a week go by that I am not contacted by someone looking for
one. Until today all I have been able to tell them is that it is out of production and will hopefully be making its return someday.

That day has finally come. If you would like the complete story of the SUC – how it came about, why it has taken so long to make its return, what the process was behind it, etc. – drop me a note and I’ll send you the entire saga, and what a saga it is! For now, I’ll get right to the most pertinent info for you. So…

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