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Our original Sightless Vision Hood uses an original design by Viking Mfg. Co. The hood can be placed on a spectator without fear of detection; they can NOT see through the material but you can as needed. The visibility is suitable for a Blindfold Driving Test or other sightless vision effects.

This is a truly fine utility prop for the professional performer. Added notes in the instructions give the performer valuable tips on the use and mis-use of this type of hood.

No moving parts such as hidden elastics, secret openings, etc. to go awry. Our design gives the performer a full view, not just two small holes to peer through. Quality made of black silky material with neck drawstrings. Large and comfortable: 16″ x 14″; complete with instructions.

NOTE: If you have the need for a Sightless Vision Hood, do NOT be mislead by the claims of others. We will put our hood up against any on the market today and we know you will be more than satisfied with our unique version. Currently being used by top professionals the world over.

We have a top-notch in-house seamstress that produces the finest stage props anywhere. You can always pay more somewhere else but you will not find a better quality product.


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