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Audiences love mentalism. Magicians love pocket tricks. The Sign of Four contains eight clearly explained pocket tricks that display your abilities as a mind reader. All eight of these tricks use simple props, but have been elevated to new heights in effectiveness. Docc Hilford has transformed what used to be thought of as simple amusements into killer routines! No billet switching, no pumping and no complicated tactics.

This is simple mentalism based on years of knowledge and practice. Whether you’re a professional performer or just beginning, these effects are certain to find their way into your performances. Contains these effects:
You drink poison and psychically find the only person who can save you
A spectator uses a magickal charm to divine tarot cards
A tiny poison bottle levitates in a spectator’s hands
An ancient Native American artifact reveals someone’s destiny
You read the minds of several people and predict the future with a simple child’s toy
A number force that slays!
A private reading that instantly tells you what the sitter is thinking
Staplebound, 28 pages

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