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A new, unique utility devices for the professional mystery/psychic entertainer. Signum Tempus is a beautifully crafted talisman and chart that you will be proud to own and cherish! It can be utilised in readings, mystery or psychic performances, or in ‘conventional’ mentalism and will bring not only incredible flexibility in its use (and what it can accomplish) but, also, an air of mystery and is sure to intrigue your audience and provide a unique talking point!

Signum Tempus has two, main, parts: the custom made, bronze talisman and the hand aged astrological chart. Scott has gone above and beyond in the thinking behind, and the realisation of, this offering to the community.

The talisman is bronze on an iron core (making it attracted to magnets). The most obvious use of the talisman is its deployment in your favourite True/Lie or Yes/No effect, as it has the words True and Lie on either side. However, where other such coins end, Signum Tempus has only just begun!

One side of the talisman has a unique magic square that, among other things, allows you to divine a participant’s birth month/star sign and/or, the birth month/star sign of their ideal, future partner. The inclusion of the star signs around the edge of this side of the talisman is not simply décor; they are arranged in such a manner as to aid the performer in the above task. The ‘Illuminati’ eye and triangle serve as a reveal for one of the other forces included on the talisman. The word ‘one’ is also a reveal of an included force, however, it is also a very interesting sigil, that can be explained to the participant, deepening the mystery of the artifact!

The obverse of the talisman contains five mystic symbols that allow for a very interesting and simple force of either one of two symbols (or both). The inclusion of the date, 1624, provides a prompt to the performer, in plain sight, to aid with this force. The numbers around the edge of the talisman echo the 12 star signs on the other side whilst providing the performer with another, multi-use, force that can be accessed with this utility prop. The Roman numeral ‘3’, also serves as a prompt here.

The astrological chart has been designed to provide the performer with even more options when using Signum Tempus. Although the talisman can be used alone, the chart – set off nicely by its red, wax seal – adds to this useability and gives you even more flexibility. For those times when a paper chart is not appropriate to carry, a small version has been provided, printed on a recycled card (complete with the monogram of the ‘creator’ of the chart and talisman – Charles Gilbert Cofield). This can be carried with the talisman in the included, hand printed, jute pouch, OR, in the bespoke, handmade leather pouch* by purchasers of the deluxe version.

Also included is a card with the star signs on one side and planets (complete with reading prompts) on the other. This is included as a useful little extra to help with your use of the utility devices. A, second, card has a link to the 53-page PDF, full of effects and routines provided by Scott along with additional routines from Steve Drury and Professor BC!

NOTE: This SKU represents the STANDARD EDITION:  However there is also a Deluxe edition which you also receive a full colour, 53 page, A4 book of the above, including the, additional, effect Blind Luck along with the blindfold needed in the effect. In addition, these customers also receive a *handmade, custom designed, leather pouch – made with thick, quality leather specifically to house your talisman and astrological card, giving you an easy and stylish way of carrying your Signum Tempus! This pouch is monogramed H.C. after the member of the Cofield family who had the artifacts remade.

Scott is truly excited to be able to offer Signum Tempus to the community. Signum Tempus is limited to 75 Standard Editions and just 20 Deluxe Editions – World Wide!

Disclaimer: In the group shoot two tailsman and two star sign/planets are shown for ILLUSTRATION purposes only.  You only recieve ONE of each.  In the case of the tailsman we wanted to visually highlight both sides of it.

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