Silentium Mentis – A Collection of Mental Events – Dr. G.J. Jansen


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“I came, I read and was conquered. I faced the unknown book with some trepidation. I never heard of the author, even underground. I can’t express the joy I had reading it and preparing to add some pieces to my act. It has new and novel plots, new and terrific combinations of methods, and heart. This is finally a practical book, particularly-but certainly not exclusively- to those who love math magic stories, humor techniques and the discovery of the new. Prediction, coincidence, direct mind reading and much more can be found here. It has created a treasure trove for the mentalist to mine. For a new book, I hope to read many more He is an offbeat thinker, and multi layered technician. I can’t wait to add and revise the unique thoughts for my stage performance, but most can be done closeups. Latin not required; thought is.” – Marc Salem

“G. J. Jansen’s new book, Silentium Mentis, is a very creative combination of the author’s mentalism experiences, ideas and various approaches as pertains to classic techniques. Of particular interest to me, was Jansen’s suggestions regarding the creative use of persona. Virtually all of his detailed effects offer the performer choices, such as the choice of assuming the role of corporate communications trainer, or psychologist, or even medium (my favorite). In the author’s respectful hands, these characters act as natural convincers for the presentation. Within this volume the reader will find workable scripts for demonstrations of cold reading, dream interpretation and much more. One area that Jansen explores is an original application of mentalism to groups of fundamentalist religious communities. Jansen’s work is not the garden variety gospel magician path! The author incorporates great talent, thought, and positive intention into his offerings, and it goes without saying that these scripts are artfully designed for platform, parlour, or intimate gatherings.”Larry Baukin

It is great to have the icon’s in the art of mentalism, the names of which are well established and too many lists here. What is equally exciting is to have fresh springs of new talent emerge – Dr. G.J. Jansen is one of them. For Silentium Mentis – his first project, he was insistent on making sure he was on track. As you can read from the reviewers – he is. It is exceptionally rare for an introductory book to contain such an impressive cast of names who have provided testimonials — even more note-worthy is how emphatic and powerful they are. Included among them are Marc Salem, Richard Webster Larry Baukin, Neal Scryer, Dennis Hermanzo.  More will follow. 

Silentium Mentis is a 76-page hardbound book feaurting vivid and exceptionally well thought out routines that illustrate the importance of the “how” and the “why.”  While it is Dr.Jansen’s first published work on the subject of mentalism – by no means is he a neophyte – having performed for many years. In addition to his honed  foundation of the art, Dr. Jansen had incredible support from colleagues who helped establish a strong foundation for thsi book.  Some of whom are Andre Landman, Marcel de Keijzer, and world champion (2009) leading mentalist – Rob Mollien. Everything about this book is exceptionally well thought out down ot the cover art provided by Maartje Roos (, titled appropriately: Silentium Mentis.


  • Credits
  • Foreword
  • Introduction
  • Mastermind
  • Sceptic Reading
  • Communication Training
  • Book Test Ahoy!
  • The Magician and the Girl
  • Museums of Dreams
  • The Choice is Yours
  • Angles and Demons
  • Rainbow Over Reichenbach
  • The Theorem of Professor Moriaty
  • Man and Number
  • Afterword

“Silentium Mentis is a fascinating examination of how persona and premise need to work together to create a credible and believable mentalism performance. Dr. Jansen presents his effects using several personas, including corporate trainer, medium, psychologist, and even pastor, to illustrate this. The effects are believable and will fascinate and intrigue intelligent audiences. Everything is explained in detail, and the effects are fully scripted. My favorite is Museum of Dreams, in which the mentalist shows that he’d accompanied the volunteer in a dream she’d had weeks earlier. Silentium Mentis is an original, thought-provoking book by someone who obviously loves the art of mentalism. If you share his love for the art, you should read this book.” Richard Webster

“Most books you will read one time and then place it in the drawer. Then once in a while, a book comes along containing deep thinking that you will come back to again and again. Silentium Mentis fits that category. Book Test Ahoy is simply a brilliant routine I will perform! This may be Mr. Gijsbert Jansen’s first book, but I predict it will not be his last. This book is highly recommended if you are a serious mentalist!”– Dennis Hermanzo

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