Crystal Silk Cylinder – U.F. Grant


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UF Grant’s Crystal Cylinder – A classic is back! An item that has stood the test of time—50 years or more! Sitting on a table are two cylinders (as shown in the photo). One is a cover for the second one. The second cylinder is absolutely empty. (No mirrors.)

Spectator nests the cylinder over the second one. Immediately lifting it right back off… the second cylinder is filled with three oranges! A flash appearance. You can use anything you like, instead of oranges… silks, candy, etc.—anything that will fit into the two tubes. Highly recommended for instant magical appearances. Wonderful effect for family or children’s shows. This is a very versatile prop for your act. Can be performed up close as well as on stage. Stands 12 inches high and is 3 inches in diameter. Made of clear, heavy plastic with a wooden base and metal cover.

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