Silk Tunnel - El Duco
Silk Tunnel El Ducosilk-tunnel-again_2silk-tunnel-again-70x70

Silk Tunnel – El Duco


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Another treasure found in the “crypt” at Stevens Magic Emporium!   Effect: Two spectators each choose a card from a deck. The performer shows a small open cabinet and places the selected cards, one on each side of the cabinet, to enclose it. Two blank silks are pushed into the cabinet through holes at the end of the cabinet. When they come out the other side, they have the selected cards printed on them! The cards are removed from the cabinet. The cards are now blank and the cabinet is empty! You receive the cabinet, a magic wand with a built-in light, two blank cards, four 8-inch silks, (two with printed blank cards on them and two with printed card faces).

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