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The perfect visual for any parlor or stage show performed either with our without music.  Would play well in any stage venue where a touch of magic is needed or can be used to spice up the show.

Kikuchi’s Silk to Umbrella Production works well performing it either by yourself of with an assistant.  The effect begins via the introduction or production (if desired)  of different colored 18″ silks.  The tube is set aside on a table with the mirror-side facing the audience, giving it the appearance of being completely empty.  One by one the performers pushes the three different colored silks into the empty side of the mirror tube with the help of the wand (which is included with the effect).  The silks are loaded in the same sequence the matches the color on the umbrella.  Then with a simple toss of the cylinder from one hand to the next – or perhaps just a subtle turn of the tube, the transformation is complete.  With a magic pass, the magician then removes a brilliantly colored feather umbrella that matches the colors of the silks that were previously placed into the tube but have not transformed into the umbrella.

What you receive:  One Mirror Tube, Large Magic Wand, one large high-quality feathered umbrella, and set of silks.

Important Points: The umbrella is exceptionally well made as you would expect being manufactured in Japan. The feathers are high quality as is the assembly.  It’s very sturdy, solid and heavy-duty.  This is not a cheaply crafted piece of apparatus.  There is a very limited quantity of these available at Stevens Magic…

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