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“A very nice effect! Easy to do, with a great twist!” – Lior Manor

Even George Washington knows it’s time to MASK up!  And if that isn’t enough he will WOW you with his amazing card revelation! 

Robert is BACK! We at Stevens Magic have been waiting for this one and it’s FINALLY on it’s way!  Robert Frederico is a magic creative and maker of what was one of the top selling effects at Stevens Magic Emporium in the 80’s and 90’s.  The aluminum coin.  It is a masterpiece of deception and you would swear you are looking at a real US Half Dollar or English Penny.  Now Robert releases Silly George 3.0 – the latest version of another classic of his creation that has sold successfully.

We are excited to feature Robert’s latest creation – a great visual magic effect that resonates with the times at a price-point that is affordable.  Want a great memorable mental prediction as well? Then Silly George 3.0 is for you!

Effect 1. Show a one dollar bill inside a plastic holder. Snap your fingers and Washington/Silly George is wearing a facemask!

Effect 2. Force a card by your favorite method. Show the one dollar bill and with a snap of your fingers Washington/Silly George is wearing a face mask with the spectator’s chosen card on it!

Included is everything you need to perform immediately out of the package. Video performance links and other tips provided. Easy to perform. Magicians or Magic enthusiasts. A unique conversation grabber everyone will enjoy! Quantities very limited as Robert personally manufactures each unit by hand.

Important:  Product features several video tutorials which are available online but also are available to you post-purchase via a download. 

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1 review for Silly George 3.0 by Robert Frederico

  1. RobertFrederico2

    Product Description
    “A very nice effect! Easy to do, with a great twist!” – Lior Manor
    Thank you Lior Manor for the great review!!
    – Robert Frederico

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