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Stevens Magic Exclusive!  FREE with any order $55 or more! This offer NOT valid with ANY OTHER SME Promotion(s). The $55 total MUST come from regularly priced products.  Discounted, or clearance items do “not” count towards achieving the $55 minimum. Only ONE FREE unit per customer, per order – regardless of total amount spent.   In other words, if we offer a variety of free products with a minimum purchase, you must choose only one of the options (and equally are only eligible for one unit of that chosen product). Other limitations may apply. 

Magician, clown or anyone can do this! Show a real $1.00 bill to be ordinary in every way. Ask a friend or spectator what George Washington could do that no other President in history could? Hand them a mini UV light and let them shine the light for a few seconds on the portrait of George Washington. Watch as the funny image of Silly George appears toughing his nose with his tongue and crossing his eyes!

Truly amazing and very funny! A great gag to carry around to lighten up any situation. Comes complete and ready to perform with genuine $1.00 bill, dollar bill holder and mini UV light.

BONUS: For a limited time you will get TWO gimmicked bills, one with a red nose and the other with George licking his tongue!  That’s TWO bills for a limited time as part of the promotion to bring “Silly George Back!”

Robert Frederico is a Philadelphia area magician who has been creating some unusual effects for the last 25 years or so. A few newer creations came my way for review from Stevens Magic, who he supplies exclusively.
The first is Silly George. I hesitate to call this a magic trick, as there is no real secret to it, but it is an amusing little novelty that you may enjoy. You are supplied with two real dollar bills in a plastic holder and a mini UV light that can be carried on your key chain.
You show one of the bills and it looks normal. You then claim you can prove that George Washington was the silliest president in history (no comments about the current administration please!).
When you touch the light to the face of one of the bills for a couple of seconds and remove it, George is seen to be wearing a red clown nose. With the other bill, you claim that George Washington could do something no other president could do. Apply the light and George is touching his red nose with his tongue.
No great mystery here, but this is easy to carry and may be just the thing in a social gathering when you don’t really want to do magic, but just get a little laugh with something unusual.
I am sure that this item will be strong for entertaining kids. This is not something for your regular shows, but may be just the thing for strolling/restaurant work as a light interlude. The bills seem to “reset” in a couple of minutes. This is a real bargain for the price as they are made using real currency and you get the mini UV light as well. I’m sure most of you will find at least occasional use for this clever little item.  – Marc DeSouza


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