Simple and Pure – Mentalism of Jonathan Stravinsky (BK)


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Richard Webster is on a ROLL!  He has really targeted the essence of mentalism for many years, but no doubt the past few books with Neal Scyer (which are both out of print), started the “fire” and the two recently released books are keeping that fire strong! The other recent release from Richard Webster is called – Alexander Nelson  Both books are doing well and should be considered.  

Jonathan Stravinsky is a young, semi-professional mentalist with a unique slant on everything he does. In this book, he teaches 14 memorable and entertaining routines using simple props.

Simple & Pure includes 5 effects with the Invisible Deck, 3 effects with a nail writer, 2 effects with the Svengali Deck, 2 book tests (including the easiest one you’ll ever find), one Tarot card effect, and a hilarious routine using a raw egg, instead of a spike, hidden under one of six Styrofoam cups.

All the effects in this booklet are highly commercial and easy to do. 38 pages, 6 x 9.

I wish this wish would of been around 25 years ago -when I started performing as these are some of the best handlings on the Invisible Deck – I have ever seen!  – J. Kaine 


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