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A Selected Card Magically Appears In A Picture Frame! This effect is a classic and has been made by past greats such as Thayer and Worth Magic. Now CW provides its craftsmanship to this easy to perform card miracle.

Our Simplex Picture Frame is shown both front and back. The frame is even dismantled in front of the spectators who may examine the frame if they choose to do so. The frame is reassembled and set against a candle stick or even held face down by a spectator.

A card is selected and returned to the deck. The cards are mixed and then with a magical pass the selected card is caused to vanish. Each card in the deck is shown and yet one card is missing. The selected card is named by the spectator and you guessed it! When the frame is turned around the missing card is seen securely locked behind the pane of glass!

This is one of the most simple card revelations you will ever use, but it has impact. It is direct and magical. Nothing is added or taken away from the frame. No black-art curtains, etc. Just simple Magic. Comes complete with frame, glass, backing boards and complete instructions. Size of frame is approx. 7″ x 5.5″; opening 3.250″ x 3.75″

NOTE: We reserve the right to change frame material, color and design as supplies demand.


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