Six Shot Lota (Aluminum) P&L Hallmarked


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Petrie and Lewis – P&L magic is a well-established brand popular in the past for making unique and quality props and apparatus which usually had the P&L stamp on many of their products. As many know they have recently fired up the production line again and have come out with some fantastically affordably quality props.  All these P&L items are Hallmarked.  Perfect for anytime!

A classic effect from a classic brand, at this price-point and quality brand you simply can’t go wrong!  A great comedy prop worth it’s weight. Available in different sizes this is a close-up version that holds six shots of liquid. After picking it up and clearly pouring all the liquid into a cup until there is not more in the lota, the magician returns a few minutes later to once again pour yet another drink?  But how is this possible?  In fact the magician repeats this several times to the amazement of all the on-lookers!

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