Skymember Presents Monarch (Walking Liberty) by Avi Yap


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“Avi is by far my favorite magician of this era. Just when I thought I have seen his best stuff… He shows me this. The thinking and execution is off the charts.” Chris Kenner

“That’s beautiful!”- Wayne Houchin

“As some may know about my love of Matrix. Avi’s approach is just BEAUTIFUL. I love how pure and artistic this looks. Rad.”Will Tsai

“Avi’s coin matrix is the stuff legends are made of. Put down the coin TRICKS and get ready to start doing coin MAGIC.”Luke Dancy

In January 2021, we brought you “Monarch”, a visual Coin Matrix/Chink-a-chink routine straight out of Avi Yap’s repertoire. The Morgan Edition was sold out instantly and took the community by storm.

We were overwhelmed by the number of requests, for us to release a replica version of the Walking Liberty Half Dollar that Avi has been using in the trailers and his performances. However, due to the limited technology we had at that point in time, it was technically impossible to manufacture a coin that size with all the details meeting our standards. But after close to the year of manufacturing, trial and errors, we’ve finally made a breakthrough.

Enter Monarch Walking Liberty Edition.

Teaming up with the high-end coin making company, Alchemist Coin Co, the gimmick, and the coin (5 pieces) you will receive are amongst the best quality in the world!

Build from scratch, the size and weight are extremely close to an authentic genuine coin. Not only that, but the aesthetics of the coin is also made to look like your grandfather passed them down to you and that the coins have passed through the passage of time to land in your hands.

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