Slate of Me-Sly-Wun


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A unique novelty card effect that goes over with any audience. Ice Breakers and quick effect that play great for any entertainer are few and far between. Things like Ken Brooke’s Baby Gag or Driebeck Die fit the bill perfectly. But here is another prop that is worth its weight in always getting a laugh that it easy to do and comical. Even better packs flat and plays big.

A spectator is invited on stage and asked to take any card, from a deck, and without looking at it, to place it in his pocket. Magi then shows a prediction in Chinese, written in Chinese, which the audience cannot read it, of course.
Magician claims he will translate the message into English and does so by turning the large slate on which the message appears around. The Chinese writing is seen to change and to read the “Eight of Hearts”..Magician pretends to hear someone say that they still cannot read the message? He then turns the slate over and on the reverse side is a GIANT Eight OF HEARTS! For the final punch, the spectator is asked to remove the card from his pocket and to name it. It is the EIGHT OF HEARTS!

This effect is a easy to do and garners excellent entertainment for your audience.

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