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Foreword written by Max Maven.

FAQ: Is the first volume required reading?
Absolutely not! You can jump into the Redford Stack with no previous knowledge from the first book.

I don’t use the Redford Stack. Will I find material I can use?
Yes! While using the Redford stack enhances all of the routines inside Sleightly Out of Order, only 10% of the book require it! Whether you use Mnemonica, Aronson, or another memorized stack, you’ll find value here.

Does the book have an online video library like the first book?

The long anticipated book Sleightly Out of Order is now available for pre-order! This pre-order special is limited through January 10th, 2021. After that, the price goes up to the full retail. *While this is the second book in our “Out of Order” series, you won’t need to have read the first to benefit from this one.

Inside “Sleightly Out of Order” (a much anticipated second volume of the “Out of Order” series), you’ll discover card plots, both classic and new. The magic routines range from spellers to triumphs. Tricks that tell stories to mentalism that messes with the audience’s minds. You’ll discover gambling demonstrations and even worthwhile approaches to the Sellers Diary effect. You’ll also find creative versions of the Tommy Wonder Elizabeth series along side interesting applications of principles both Gilbreath and Kruskal. The routines in this volume explore the iconic Si-Stebbins system (which the Redford stack effortlessly transforms into with a quick overhand shuffle sequence), memorized deck orders, the Power/Parallel Stack, Heinlein Hold’em Stack, and more! All arrangements that this book explores are quickly accessible when using from the Redford stack! You’ll also read a mix of routines that may be performed with any memorized stack order along side card miracles that wont require any sort of learned memorization. Of course, no Redford stack book would be complete without unlocking more of the built in features specific to the Redford Stack! Whether you’re a seasoned stack worker or your first adventure exploring the wonderful world of a stack deck, this book is a must have.

Here’s what some of the “pros” have to say:

“As you will soon see, Patrick has investigated many nooks and crannies in his pursuit of interesting material… With so much to choose from, it would be difficult to name my favorite, but at the moment I’d single out “Duncical ACAAN,” a whimsical (and surprisingly sensible) version of that popular plot, the latest development of an approach that Patrick has been working on since 2003. He has published earlier solutions; I like this more.” Max Maven

“This book is absolutely excellent. I’ve always felt that the memorized deck can be made so much stronger when combined with sleight of hand. This book contains not only routines with the Redford stack but also effects that you can use with ANY memorized deck. Definitely check out Sleightly Out of Order!” Harapan Ong

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