Slick by Alan Rorrison and Mark Mason


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Reviewed by a man we assure you is a life long magi and inventor extraordinaire. “I examined and reviewed SLICK!  I like everything about it! It’s clever, not difficult to perform and you get a bonus mentalism effects with it – AWESOME!   What’s nice about SLICK is you can hand it out for examination – I’m NOT saying that you would want to hand it out, but some audiences are very curious and this passes the muster.” Bob Frederico  

Over the past 50-years Stevens Magic Emporium has sold an incredible amount of “peek” devices.  Just a few being the “caper case – Ray Piatt,” and “Sight Unseen Cases” from Mark Strivings.  Now comes a new revolutionary method for you to obtain a peek for ANY WORD, NUMBER, SYMBOL – etc. 

From a small credit card holder you remove your business card. The spectator is asked to write down any word, number, etc. The card is slid back into your credit cardholder. You REALLY do not see what they have written. Next, you slide ANY credit card behind their card, COMPLETELY SANDWICHING THEIR INFORMATION. Immediately you hand them the business cardholder. Under these IMPOSSIBLE CONDITIONS, you have the INFORMATION. You really have to see this to believe how clean it is.

I predict you will love SLICK. Amazing method. Also comes with a knockout bonus routine that is built into the gimmick.

  • No Holes
  • No Electronics
  • No Privacy Glass
  • No Mirrors
  • No Illumination


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