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Pour a cup full of liquid in into another cup – immediately turn the cup upside d o w n – and the liquid has van-ished!  This is that special powder that turns liquids solid instantly!

Any number of effects are possible with the use of slush powder. Guaranteed to amaze, confuse and entertain. Works:

  • Works with liquids at any temperature.
  • This formula is faster. The formula is firmer.
  • The formula is more consistent. This formula is the highest quality product of it’s kind worldwide.
  • It’s also exceptionally powerful and concentrated so you get more “bang for your buck!”
  • One teaspoon of powder will gel one 8 ounce glass of liquid. For larger volumes, simply add more Slush Powder.
  • Quantity = 4 oz, or 46grams.

Use it as a stand alone effect, or incorporate it into other routines to amp them up.

Note: Pacakge container and artwork subject to change.

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