Smoke Liquid – 1 Bottle Set


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Note: This is for REFILL smoke solution ONLY!  Video if for illustration purposes only – showing this special smoke solution.

This is the special Viktor Voitko liquid as used for Viktor’s Deluxe Smoke Device… This is a special proprietary formula is created by master magician and theatrical performing artist Viktor Voitko to produce “copious” and thick amounts of smoke. This is absolutely the best formula for Viktor’s Deluxe Smoke Light device.  It is primarily designed for both his Deluxe Smoke Light Device and his WOW Smoke.  While it can also be used in other smoke devices, it is intended to be sold for Viktor’s units – it is therefore guaranteed only for these units… While it works with other units we have tested it with, any purchase of this product for any other unit, is not implied or guaranteed  by Stevens Magic Emporium.

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