Snake Coils – Red Tongued


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Stevens Magic Emporium is excited to present a clever alternative to the standard mouth coils! As you know, the mouth coil is a staple product which lends itself to a cornucopia of great routines. Anarchy! Run for the hills!  The Snake Mouth Coil has arrived and he has one thing on his mind – to be the HIT of the party!  Traditional mouth coils have been one of the greatest paper products in magic.  Imagine producing a coil snake appear from your mouth! Or open up a bag of potato chips and invite the children to have a few and then with a bewildered look you reach in and pull out the snake coil!  Possible ideas are limited to one’s imagination.

Each SNAKE COILS is approx. 20 feet long.

As with standard coils, these too may be produced from the mouth or other logical places including hats, bags, buckets, fake rocks, kids shirt pockets, collars, shoes or other props! Add it to your snake can or snake basket routine. Magic and science programs would also be an ideal program for its use. Whatever you can imagine! We suggest flicking the tongue from under the head, after you have pulled it out a couple of feet.

Performance Tip: We have found, if you are going to produce it from someone’s pocket, to use “gesturing” and verbal ques. For example, point to the child’s shirt pocket and say – “What is that? Don’t Move!” Then walk over and pull the snake coil out of his pocket, and enjoy the reaction!

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