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David Seebach has lived the life many only dream, that of a professional performing illusionist/magician. In doing so, he has amassed a wealth of magical knowledge specializing in the subject of illusions. David has used this skill espousing for Abbotts Magic in their Tops Magazine (writing 100+ articles for both print and on-line editions). David continues to make frequent contributions for M.U.M. magic magazine with a column titled as “Illusions of Grandeur.” One thing is certain this man knows the entertainment business and he also knows illusions.

Over the years, David has created and fine-tuned a book called, “So You Want To Be An Illusionist?” This unique project gives magicians the experience to learn what most books don’t teach – the inside scoop. There are lots of good books featuring plans/blueprints, as well as details about great illusionists’ lives. However, until this book was released, there was very little PRACTICAL information about choosing the appropriate illusions and equally important, how to successfully incorporate them into a successful show, along with valuable lessons too numerous to mention at this time.

In fact, this book is exceptionally well balanced featuring a tremendous amount of details for both specific illusions as well as crucially important behind the scenes information.

“So You Want To Be An Illusionist” also focuses on the inside-dope of working with the big acts. Guillotines, Chair Suspensions, the Sub Trunk, Mis-Made Girl, Hindu Basket, Sword Cabinet, Temple of Benares, Palanquin, Thin Sawing, Twister, Zig-Zag Lady, Asrah, the Buzz Saw – they’re all inside this book along with many more which are offered up with commentary.

Do “not” make the mistake of assuming this book only details the above illusions, as there is a tremendous amount of knowledge above and beyond including but not limited to:

  • Learn about the strengths and weaknesses.
  • Insurance.
  • Taxes.
  • Road cases (ATA cases).
  • Shipping.
  • What Can I Save By Building Illusions Myself?
  • The Nuts and Bolts of Illusion Construction.
  • Come On; Let’s Build A Show.
  • Where Can I Find a Beautiful Assistant?
  • Hey, How About Some Special Effects?
  • But Audiences Want Something Different.
  • Is the Asrah The Greatest Illusion Of All Time?
  • Less Is More.
  • Different: Not Difficult.
  • Something Old – Something New.
  • Much, Much More topics are included in this book.

The book is over 60-pages, soft back, and spiral bounded featuring clear and concise tri-column page text layout with many photo illustrations.  Highly sought after information finally available to you through Stevens Magic Emporium.


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