Solo by Jack K Tillar – Book – Estate


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This is required reading for the mentalist who wants to do corporate or high-end social party mentalism. It’s filled and brimming over with brilliant and original routines! Over 30 new performance pieces tailored for walk-around performances 8 concise essays on how to get started Original approaches and opening gambits How to create and use business cards that guest will keep A bonus “Design Duplication” master routine by Michael Weber Essential insider information for special events The best advice on what to do and what not to do at corporate and social events! “Jack’s presentations are built upon concepts that are appealing and intriguing…the methods are relatively simple… As an example…the routine “Mr. Lucky’s Hook”…has a splendid frame of reference, which leads to an utterly charming closing line.” – Max Maven from his introduction “You are about to be drawn in by my friend (film composer and mentalist) Jack Kent Tillar. I expect it will be a harmonious experience.” – Max Maven Pages 144 – Softbound

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