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This is an estate item.  It comes with everything included in the photo the calculator included doesn’t seem to work but all the other pieces are there.  The product is hard to find and a great effect.

Several selected audience members are asked to create a random six-digit number. This one in a million number is seen to match a total of four five digit numbers previously recorded by the performer and placed in a sealed envelope, inside the zippered compartment of his wallet. The addition procedure is literally mistake-proof through the use of an unprepared talking calculator. This is the effect that Larry Becker first introduced in his World of Super Mentalism Volume I which was published in 1978. For reasons explained in the instructions, Larry altered the construction of the effect and performed it that way without revealing what he had done for over forty years. Larry presented this version for magicians in Greeley Colorado USA in November 2011 during a one time only lecture. The very enthusiastic reaction Some Total Deluxe received was the reason that Larry made the decision to release this limited edition version. Comes complete with a custom made leather wallet, talking calculator and all the accessories needed to perform the effect. The 10-pages of highly detailed instructions including photos will have you using this marvelous creation practically out of the package. Larry has also included a bonus Some Total Deluxe stage version routine that was only previously available to a select group of professionals back in the early 90’s.

This is an effect that I have used now for several years. I can tell you as a mentalist it DOES NOT get any stronger than this. The audience calls the numbers to you. You write the number they create down. You then hand them the sealed envelope with numbers you have written down and THEY add those numbers up. You show the number the audience came up with as the person calls out the total they came up with from the numbers that were in the envelope you gave them to add and they ALL match! The numbers can be added using the calculator or by hand it does not matter the numbers will match. I would give this my HIGHEST recommendation to anyone performing mentalism. This has never failed to actually get me the loudest applause. It is that impossible and yet 100 percent reliable!

I use this effect in most of my shows. It has a lot of room for situational humor and laughs. It’s an incredible effect!

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