Sorcerer’s Series (3-Volume Set) (Book)


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Kenton Knepper has done it again! Definitely not the “same old thing,” The Sorcerer Series contains breakthrough work in magic and mentalism for everything from close-up to stage performances. New concepts, new routines, new presentations, new props and new methods which have, until now, been kept secrets. Each volume is saddlestitched and approximately 30 pages. Volume 1 contains: Kenton’s Gem Productions, The FANTastical Ribbon, New Liquid Principles, Plus Sealed Miser’s Dream Jars & Goblets – and so much more. Volume 2 contains: Kontrol Kard, Kling String, No Salt, Kenton’s Postcards, Newell & Kenton’s Mental Any Card At Any Number – and much more. Volume 3 contains: Steve Cohen’s Three Point Pulse Stopping, Kenton’s “When Time Stands Still”, Dowser’s Dream, Half-Baked Mentalism, plus much more.

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