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From House of Magic. Buma. This is what keeps us passionate! That effect that happens once every 3 or 4 years – when it finally arrives!  And the goods news – it is coming very soon!  Worth every penny, this comprehensive gimmick is strategically engineered specifically for this breath taking effect. The amount of time, energy and research to develop such an amazing tool would easily cost 10 times the price.   Trust us, this is innovation plus amazing engineering –  well done Buma!

Effect: The performer borrows any paper bill (currency) from a spectator and holding both of its ends with his finger tips, freely displays it front and back. A spectator is then immediately asked to pick up a liquid filled glass and raise it to chest height for all to see.

The performer then brings the left end of the now outstretched flat bill into the slightest momentary contact with the bottom of the liquid filled glass, at which time the spectator is told to release their hold on the glass. To everyone’s immediate astonishment, the performer also releases his left hand’s hold on the bill directly under the glass.

The liquid filled glass is now seen to be suspended on the very end of the bill, nothing collapses, nothing spills, nothing falls to the ground, all remains suspended in mid air, both the left end of the bill and the liquid filled glass upon it. 

Taking hold of the bill’s left end, the performer now holds the bill flat between the finger tips of both hands and proceeds to instruct the spectator to lift the glass up and off the bill and to reposition it back down on the bills opposite end. Instantly a second aerial suspension is seen to occur, for the performers right hand is no longer in contact with the bill, having fully released its hold on the bill.

The liquid filled glass is now seen to be suspended on the right end of the bill. Once again nothing collapses, nothing spills, nothing falls to the floor, all remains suspended in mid air, both the right end of the bill and the liquid filled glass.

Upon completion of this second aerial suspension the glass is immediately removed by the spectator from atop the outstretched bill, the borrowed bill is then returned to its owner.


  • Can also be performed with a borrowed newspaper/magazine clipping, folded handkerchief, paper napkin or even a small paper note, etc.
  • Other objects besides a glass may also be suspended including, a Smart Phone, deck of cards, small toy, food, or even many sizes of filled beverage can’s, etc.
  • May be performed as an impromptu walk around effect in addition to entertaining small groups.

Easy to master:

  • Involves no sleeve work, may be performed shirtless.
  • No threads, wires, magnets or mirrors involved.
  • No mechanics, nothing to break, no parts to replace.
  • Always ready to perform, fits in most pockets.
  • All items are borrowed during presentation.
  •  May be instantly repeated.

OMG!  Incredible – you have done it Buma – I have to have one!  Jeff McBride

I remember when Buma sent me the preliminary ad copy. As I was reading it – I kept saying to myself – this can’t be right?  Borrowed Bill?  Balance a glass of liquid on it edge? Then balance it again on the other side! Too bad NFW was already taken for a name.  I sincerely thought either Buma really was onto something amazing or he was Nuts – turns out BOTH were right!  When I viewed the video and showed it to friends and confidants – the feeling was unanimous – this is really something deserving – to even the most discriminating of performers!  You got a Winner Buma!  – Mark Stevens   SOS

.  Buma.   S.O.S.  Buma Jr.  Mark Burger.  House of Magic.

 S.O.S.   SOS   S OS S


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