Sparkling Flash Paper – (4 Sheets)

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Add a SPARKLE to your flash! This Sparkling Flash Paper is KING! 

This is the finest flash paper sold and it comes with a SPARKLING KICK!  Sparkling Flash Paper – WHY NOT? From Panda Magic. The purpose of flash paper is ABSOLUTELY visaual! Whether for theatre effect or misdirection or just for fun, it provides consisently. But there is a NEW Flash Paper in town, and he add’s a SPARKLE effect in addition to the Master Flash!

Yes, the same type of sparkles you would see on sparklers during the 4th of July. Trust us, we have tried it and it is the definition of “exponentional synergy!” 2 plus 2 = SIX!

For a limited time we are providing 4 SHEETS per package at the special price of $13.00 – for FOUR SHEETS! Regular price is $18 Each sheet is approx. 8″ X 9″ in size – or (25 x 20cm ). Comes 4 sheets/pack.  Sheets are standard thickness. The Sparkle additive is added to the paper while it is still wet.

Panda Magic

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