Sparrow by Mark Mason and Tony D’Amico


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Tony’s first release Block Buster was a huge success. We now bring to the magic world Tony’s brand new effect Sparrow.

Sparrow is a super clean, visually stunning piece of magic.

You will receive the custom made gimmicks, a specially printed card box and 2 knockout routines.

Here is the effect.
A card is selected and signed. The card is replaced anywhere in the deck. The deck is replaced back inside the card case. You explain you will use the spade from the center of the card box to find their signed card.
In the blink of an eye, the SPADE vanishes from the card box. The deck is removed from the box, The SAME BOX is handed to your spectator IT IS FULLY EXAMIMABLE. The cards are dealt one at a time, all the backs are shown. There is one card now with a spade on the back. Yes its the SIGNED CARD.

  • No Flaps
  • No Magnets
  • No Elastic
  • A Brilliant Method

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