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The performer introduces a thin leather like card wallet with compartments for cards on both its sides. While one side displays its slit compartments filled with inserted cards its opposite side features a single see thru window compartment which contains an old family photo of a seance under way, all those in attendance in the photo are seen to be holding hands while seated around a table.

A spectator is now asked to take a secure hold of the card wallet as the performer removes a handkerchief from his pocket or borrows any similar sized cloth, he then drapes the handkerchief over the card wallet while its being held in the spectators hand. The performer then reaches under the handkerchief and touches the photograph with his finger tips immediately withdrawing his hand from contactwith it, the spectator is asked to do the same, they have now both entered the seance having just joined there hands with those pictured in the photo.

The performer now lifts the handkerchief by its center straight up and above the card wallet, letting its ends freely drape down, he then sets the dangling ends of the handkerchief onto and directly above the card wallet’s seance photo and releases it, incredibly rather then falling onto the wallet it is seen to take the form of a rigid Specter, standing upright on its own volition, almost 7” in height above the seance photo, the performer now places one of his palms in contact with the top of the standing Specter and rocks the upright Specter in a circular motion, it remains erect and almost 7” in height, yet is free to be moved around. The performer then places his hands near the erect Specter and guides it to lean at about a 45 degree angle to the left and removes his hands from contact with it, the Specter remains leaning , he then guides the Specter to lean forward at a tipped angle, where it remains leaning forward without falling.

The performer now removes the Specter up and off the card wallet and holds it to his front vertically with both of his hands, he then releases his hold on the Specter resulting in it now being seen to be hovering on its own volition in mid air front of his outstretched hands, he then forms a hoop by touching the fingers of his 2 hands to each other and places his now circled fingers over the freely suspended Specter and proceeds to move his hoop formed fingers up and down over the Specter several times while it is seen to suspend itself in mid air.

The performer then takes hold of the Specter with both of his hands as the Specter is seen to ascend upward inches above the performers hand, just as suddenly it is seen to descend back downward. The performer now takes hold of the Specter between his two hands, releasing his hold with one hand the Specter is now seen to be standing upright erect by its own volition.

The performer re-grasps the top of the Specter as his other hand takes hold of one corner of the handkerchief, the Specter is held over the Seance photo and then released, the Specter drops on top of the photograph, the performer uncovers the photograph and then shows both sides of the handkerchief, the specter has vanished just as suddenly as it appeared!

You receive:

Buma’s Specter comes complete with leather like card wallet with seance photograph, handkerchief, Buma’s original custom crafted hand made Specter gimmick and photo illustrated instructions.


  • No threads or moving parts so there’s nothing to break or replace.
  • No sleeve works so it can be done in a short sleeve.
  • The cloth used may be examined before and after.
  • Handkerchief may be borrowed.
  • Great for walk around or table hopping for small groups.
  • Can be done standing or seated without the use of a table, indoors or out.
  • Everything fits into your pocket.
  • Impromptu in performance.
  • Easy to master, no palming.

Like ALL Buma’s Products – Totally original in routine presentation and custom crafted gimmick.

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