Spectral Levitation – Buma


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At last, an exciting improvement over the classic “Glorpy” and “Hyrum the Haunted Hank!”Hard to believe it! Everything is BORROWED—a handkerchief, silk or napkin. Everything can be examined – before or after. Instantly repeatable anywhere. Totally impromptu. Excellent for table-hopping. Carry it in your pocket.

Performer borrows a silk/handkerchief/napkin and shows it to be innocent. He then places a coin, ring or other small object under the cover…it slowly starts to rise up and up and up! The item will rise up to 5-inches above the table top while still under the cover. The performer then proceeds to tap the risen item with a pen, spoon, etc…proving the borrowed item is still in there. Upon its return to the table top, it is immediately uncovered allowing for both the cover and the borrowed object to be returned.

Comes complete with manuscript and photos showing entire routine and secret. PLUS—you receive the custom “hand-made” gimmick made by BUMA—innovative as only Buma can make them!

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