Spectro Touch Toe Switch by João Miranda & Pierre Velarde


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IMPORTANT: This product is an ACCESSORY ONLY! It is NOT the complete product.  Repeat: This is only an OPTIONAL (But highly recommended one at that) Accessory for the Spectro Touch Unit.

Available for release Sept. 2nd, 2019 – This item for Pre-Order ONLY – Ships Sept. 2nd, 2019

This is an OPTIONAL accessory!  Do NOT purchase this item UNLESS you are also purchasing the complete Spectro Touch UNIT at this time, OR you have ALREADY purchased the unit previously.   This product is of NO VALUE to you UNLESS you already own, are purchasing or are planning to purchase the COMPLETE Spectro Touch!

Highly Recommended by Stevens Magic’s Professional Crew – The Higgs Brothers!

If you wish to control your Spectro Touch totally hands free and/or without the programming delay, you can choose to control it via a custom-designed Toe Switch. The package includes an insole, a custom-designed switch with the proprietary male connector and several accessories as well.  An explanation video on how to install it is included so that you can activate the gimmick with your foot in no time.

The PK touch is one of mentalism’s most powerful effects, where a spectator feels they’re being touched while the performer is some distance away.  Now the performer can perform this effect standing up, using a 100% self-contained diabolical method, at a moment’s notice, and at a distance of up to 20 meters. João Miranda joined forces with Pierre Velarde, a famous mentalist from Peru, who kept his secret underground since he created it over 15 years ago. With it, he won first prize in the invention category.

See bottom of product page for the LINK to the actual unit!


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