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Simply the BEST! NOW 25% LARGER! One of Spider’s top sellers—The Spider Stage Platform was a fairly recent addition to the Spider Line, driven from previous requests where by some how a magician could bring the “stage” with him to his performance. Sounds crazy, but Spider has accomplished that very task. This system allows a magician to bring a portable stage to any venue. It should be stated, we’re not talking about a flimsy little platform, but a sturdy and secure STAGE that will hold up to 550 pounds!

To be successful as a performer you have to have an entertaining show—but you also must “look” professional as well. You must be able to captivate and maintain the attention of your audience. Not only will this product achieve those goals for you, it will also add instant credibility to you as a performer. These (and all of Spider’s products) will quickly spoil you with how easy and quick they are to setup and breakdown. Spider products give you the extra confidence of knowing you have control over your setup. This allows you to focus all your energy on the entertaining.

Comes with a 2-year warranty. This items comes with a duffle bag and carrying frame. Please allow 2 to 4 weeks possible delivery time. THIS PRICE DOES NOT INCLUDE FULL SHIPPING!  Shipping cost FOB Germany approx. $250. • 4-feet by 4-feet • Height is 1-foot 5-inches • Weighs 45 pounds • Maximum Load – 550 pounds • Materials: Aluminum/Steel

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Weight 50 lbs

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