Spider Table Custom Bags – Quantity 2 (one for table top and one for table base).


Product Description

New! Bags for Spider tabletops. Padded zipper bags for the top of your Spidertable. For easy transport and protection against scratches in the acrylic surface. Made out of high quality nylon, with handle and zipper.   Bag also for legs featuring high quality nylon construction for the Spider tableframes. With zipper and shoulder strap. Very durable and available in different sizes.   Make sure you get the right size for the table you buy in order to have the perfect fit and ease of transport to and from the gig.

  • Available ONLY for 12″ Tables Tops
  • 31″ to 39″ inch bags for Legs.

It is really a no-brainer.  If you are going to get the classic, hiqh-quality Spider tables, you really should spring for the carrying cases.  There is no better way even to store them, let alone transport and keep them safe in-between.

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