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Exceptionally Visual – Incredibly Easy To Perform – So Easy To Carry – WINNER!  IMPORTANT: Do NOT compare this to any other versions! This unit features a completely internal mechanism that allows the performer to spin the coin firmly, smoothly, and consistently!  Even better, when you are done, you can easily show “BOTH” coins because the gimmick is “actionable” (meaning it can be freely engaged and dis-engaged)!

Spinning Stacked Half Dollar

  • No Threads!
  • No Magnets!
  • Real Coins!
  • Totally Angle Proof!
  • Perfect for Walk-Around or Street Magic.
  • Exceptionally Visual.
  • Amazingly Clean.
  • No Sleight of Hand!
  • Can Be Repeated In Seconds.
  • Can be “Spun.”
  • Features a completely different internal system!
  • The gimmick can be “engaged” and “disengaged” easily by the perfomer!
  • Coins Can Be Shown Front and Back.
  • Real US Currency Kennedy Half Dollars

Previous versions of this effect have been available in the past – but in “very limited” supply – for good reason!  Each one of these effects must be hand crafted! No Machine can manufacture this coin.  Yet each set is precision made.

Effect:  Performer attempts an unreal effect by taking two half dollar Kennedy coins and attempts to stand one on top of the other until it is actually “balanced” on top of the other coin.  After a little effort in fact this impossible feat happens but what happens next takes this effect exponentially in a different direction.  The magi, can actually flick the top coin that is balancing on top of the lower one and in doing so the coin visually spins in a circular motion – without falling off the coin.

Just as the magic happens all of a sudden the top coin looses it’s grip and falls on the table or floor, the entire time the lower coin is in full view.  A true levitation if there ever was one.

Stevens Magic Emporium had master craftsman – Steve Spencer create only 150 of these coins – a process that literally took him over one year. This is an effect we last sold in 1980!   When you see the coin you will understand the complexities with respect to being able to create this illusion.  With permission from Domenico Dante Stevens Magic is proud to have another item that is sure to be in demand.  Finding magic that meets all the above criteria is exceptionally hard – but that is why Spinning Stacked Half Dollar Coins will be a WINNER!

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