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Note: Because this uses a lithium battery it must be shipped to the States by a private carrier expedited like DHL or UPS.  Thus additional shipping above and beyond what is collected at check out will be required. The average total shipping cost is approx. $65-$75.   Please allow approx. two weeks for fabrication.

The original Cesaral Spirit Bell remains both state of the art a phenomenal great product and a best seller world wide – it still available access very bottom of this screen to view. However, there is a new sprit bell in town. This latest release is titled the rope version. It has it own personality and some of our clients like it because, well it’s a naked as a prop can be. For those that subscribe to less is more – this is right up your alley. If you want to achieve as close as physically possible “prop less” magic – this is it.

The Cesaral Spirit Bell (Rope Version) can be used for every type of performance seances, mentalism, bizarre magic, and even comedy magic. You can use it in Question & Answer routines, as a Lie Detector, and as a communicator with lost loved ones. The possibilities are endless!

Important points:

  • New self working method to make the Bell ring at the exact moment needed.
  • This is the STANDARD version of this product not the Antiqued version that is also available for a slight upcharge.
  • The audience member holds the bell. The performer is far away.
  • Clear, real…, good and loud bell ring.
  • Can be done anywhere, and surrounded.
  • You can order it old or shinny.
  • Real time electronically controlled more than 50 feet by you. A 5 button remote control is included.
  •  No need for assistants as this is a one-man effect!
  • Rechargeable (and removable) lithium polimer battery.


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