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A True Representation from the Past! EXTREMELY limited availability. 

Telescoping three-section aluminum trumpet used by mediums to “communicate” with the afterlife. This product  is 30″ when fully extended. 4″ in diameter. 11″ when fully closed. Comes with “instructions” for use.  Refer to various photos taken of actual product here at Stevens Magic Emporium.

A “Trumpet Séance” is a special device that looks akin to a musical instrument – but in fact is a design to amplify just like music instruments sounds emanating from it. Unlike a musical instrument there are no keys or hardware, this is just the funnel.  And also unlike a music instrument there usually isn’t any music that emanates from it – but instead voices of soul’s who have crossed over.

  • Length of Trumpet fully extended – 30″
  • Collapsed length – 11″
  • Max width in diameter – 4″

During such Seances this device would be placed on the séance table and the medium along with the sitters also attending would sit. The lighting would be removed leaving a starless and bible black darkness save for if desired luminous rings that are placed onto the trumpet. Such that if the unit does float people are able follow it. In some cases, suddenly the trumpet starts to rise and levitation around the room and upon doing so voices of the spirits ring out. In most cases the Spirit Trumpet is used to communicate with ones that have traversed to the other side. They have been made from cardboard to various metals.

The nice thing about this unit is the attention to detail towards making it sincerely appear to be antiquated. It really has a sense of eerie and mystery to it.

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