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The audible is errie, vivid and impressive.  The sound truly is coming from the spirit trumpet and its amplified! You can hand the trumpet out for complete examination.  Highly impressive.

Each Spirit Trumpet is custom made; please allow a few days to prepare your trumpet for shipping. Order now. Stock is limited.

Our Spirit Trumpet is crafted from spun aluminum blanks over custom forms. A great deal of attention has been placed on the look and finish of this piece to give it that authentic museum piece look and feel.

The hardwood base compliments the Trumpet along the brass accents and leather straps. Those lucky enough to posses this limited production Spirit Trumpet from will truly have a work of art that is not only a unique conversation piece but an actual performance piece that will make the hair stand up on your audiences neck!

The performer introduces the Spirit Trumpet, an artifact from days gone by, once belonging to the famous Mme. Palladino, a ‘physical medium’. With the aid of her Trumpet, Mme. Palladino would communicate with those beyond the veil, bringing messages to friends, loved ones, politicians and noblemen of the day. She would enter a type of trans and then, calling on her spirit guide, John King, would allow sitters to hear and speak to the dearly departed through her Spirit Trumpet.

This unique Spirit Trumpet allows you to replicate her Trumpet Seances, allowing you and your audience to communicate with Mme. Palladino directly and yes, even other spirits. Everyone can clearly hear her speak through the Trumpet, having a conversation and even answering questions, divining hidden thoughts and more.


  • This is a one-person act. No assistant needed.
  • The performer is in complete control.
  • The ‘spirits’ are distinctly heard coming from the Trumpet.
  • The Trumpet can be minutely examined. No wires, microphones or other tangible evidence can be found by examining the Trumpet.
  • The performer can select the spirit or spirits to converse with, the dialog, etc. is completely under your control and can be different for every performance.
  • Will work in ANY language.
  • Comes with a booklet of instructions along with the history of Spirit Trumpet medium-ship.
  • Ready to perform once you set up your script.
  • Very limited in production. A rare opportunity for the bizarrist/mentalist/magician to offer something completely new and exciting to his audience.

On-line instructional for adding script is now available.

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