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Also referred to as: Coin Through Bill – But it does SO much more!   Sample Effect: The audience see’s two coins inside a small plastic bag, say a penny and a quarter.  The magician asks a spectator to name aloud one of the two coins. In this case the response is “penny.”  So the magicians pulls the quarter physically and visually for ALL TO SEE through the bottom of the bag, leaving the penny.  Then the bag is handed to the spectator with the penny still inside it, and there is NO HOLE in the bottom of the bag!  Impossible – No it’s magic!  Can be performed anywhere, anytime in almost any conditions. Close up, no angle problems, street magic.

But how can that be!  Repeat: The magician hands the bag with the penny to the spectator, but the funny thing is there is no hole in the bag?  But how can that be, when everyone just witnessed the coin penetrating through the bag? This is a great effect on its own because it can be performed surrounded!  But there are many other great effects you can also do too!

The magician shows a quarter and bill only. The coin is placed on the center of the bill and bill is folded in half. Spectators can be check and feel coin. The coin is really inside the bill. You touch your empty fingers center of the bill and coin penetrates thru center of the bill! You bring the coin to the center of the bill and the coin penetrates back inside the bill in the same manner as before! You take coin from the bill and you give to spectator for checking. Unfold the bill. It is intact. You return it to spectator too. You have empty hands and spectators can examine everything!

Comes with Split Coin. Teflon is provided “if” you want to apply it to the coin, while it is not necessary many people prefer applying this coating.  A link is provided where you can learn how to use this effect.

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