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Bill Trotter Magic

A stunning square circle from Norm Nielsen. Only 6 of these . It stands 14.5 inches overall height. A thing of beauty to add to your show or collection.  Condition is Excellent.  Nothing emulates the class and style of Okito magic more than these beautiful decals that were used on these pieces.  Only a very small number of individuals learned the techniques associated with applying these beautiful transfers.  Even more amazing was how difficult they were to obtain. From our research they were produced only by one specific high-end brand of printer made in Japan.

Side-story: It is rumored that Doc Albo who searched for the one person from the family that still had the knowledge in Japan, over played his excitement about the desire for these transfers so much that the last remaining family member became suspicious at first.  Of course, all that knew Doc. Albo knew he was a man of class but his passion for the art and desire and love for Okito pieces actually back fired on the person who could provide the decals.  So much was the concern that the family member of the decals would only work with another person on the team – Carl Willams.

Of course the side-story about Doc Albo has nothing to do with respect to this piece crafted by Norm Nilsen.

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  1. gsater1 (verified owner)

    Arrived in perfect condition. A beautiful piece to display. Thank you!

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