SR-71 Blackbird (A.K.A. The Sharpie Thru Dollar)

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Product Description

Borrow a dollar bill from one of your spectators. Ask your spectator to make an X on the bill with a Sharpie style marker. X marks the spot. Stab the Sharpie style marker down through the X on the bill.

The Sharpie style marker is now pierced straight though the bill! Show the bill and the Sharpie style marker from all sides. There are NO FUNNY ANGLES. It’s clearly going straight through the bill, and everybody gets a good look.

Now, RIGHT IN YOUR SPECTATOR’S FACE, pull the Sharpie style marker out of the bill. Again, there are NO FUNNY MOVES. The marker comes cleanly through the bill, but THE HOLE IS GONE.

Your spectators are probably going to grab for the bill. That’s OK! The bill is completely unharmed. You can hand it out for immediate inspection. The X is still there, but there’s NO HOLE!

The SR-71 penetrates almost anything you can imagine: playing cards, business cards, baseball caps, bar napkins, coins, ears and more.

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