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Stage Flying 430 BC To Modern Times By John A. McKinven. It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a… Magician? The theatrical effect of a human flying is a scenic wonder. It began in religious plays, continued in church celebrations and has had a place in a host of theatrical forms—opera, melodrama, vaudeville, aerial ballet and spectacle. Stage Flying surveys the long history of when and
how stage mechanics have simulated flying.

Learn the secrets of stage flying by theatrical performers such as Peter Pan (they make it look so simple!) The wonders of the “hook ups” and methods devised to accomplish this beautiful illusion.
This magical book exposes the engineering of how performers and artists have invented and explained the secrets of flying in the entertainment world. You will be fascinated by all the detailed workings involved!

  • Book is clothbound in dust jacket with over 122 pages.
  • Illustrated with drawings, engravings and photographs.

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