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I’ve created an Enchanted Ring that can be seen by as many as 100 spectators in a Parlor or Stage setting! 2 in stock now! Diabolically Clever Mechanical Secret Hidden in the Block does the work for you. No Sleight of hand. Totally Examinable! Solid Mahogany Block nearly 3 inches square! Polished 12 inch Metal Spike! Chrome Plated 8 inch Steel Ring! Very Limited Edition!

A Chrome Ring is lowered into a slot cut into the solid mahogany block of wood. A Polished Metal Spike is inserted in a hole through the block preventing the ring from being removed. The spectator can even pull on the ring to see its secured. You can even have the spectator look down the slot to make sure the ring is secured on the spike.

After the ring is in place with the spike the magician sets it upon a spectator’s palm for a moment and then lifts the ring away from the block and all may be examined! The spike may even be slid back and forth while the ring is on immediately before the penetration The workmanship and mechanism are perfect.

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