Stagecraft For Magicians by Terry Magelssen (Book)


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“This book is overdue and I want to thank Terry Magelssen for sharing these insights, tricks and tips giving all of us the opportunity to become better entertainers by offering products of the highest quality along with tips to becoming better entertainers!” — David Sandy

“Terry vested a lot of his soul in the creation of this book.  He is exceptionally well qualified to educate anyone on these fundamentals as a result of his real world experiences.  Terry wrote this book because of his love for the art of magic and making it available at this incredible price is proof of where his motivations come from.  Anyone who is serious about becoming the best performer they can be should get this book”Tom Burgoon

OK… so your booking stage shows!  Good for you! But what is the best way to prepare for them? What about the “total pacakge” including but not lmited to Lighting Fixtures, Microphones, Backdrops, Special Effects, ATA Cases, Theater Anatomy, Contract Riders, Working With Techs as well as building YOUR team —there is so much!  What you need is a consultant, but that would cost thousands of dollars. Stevens Magic is excited to provide you with this incredibly affordable book from Terry Magelssen that will pay for itself again and again.  Unlike other similiar products Stagecraft for Magicians is not $200 or more!  This project was a labor of love for the art of magic for Terry and you are the beneficiary of that labor for this no brainer price!.  This is a no brainer! 

Presenting stage magic well is hard work. Every pro knows it’s more than just the tricks! The “total visual experience” involoves so much more than simply walking out on stage and performing. Without a basic knowledge of theatrical skills and stagecraft a magician will never reach their potential. But investing time learning all these concepts is what keeps most performers from upping their game! The good news is Terry has done it ALL FOR YOU! Inside the pages of this book lie the secrets to taking your show or act to the next level and beyond.

Included within this book are concepts pertaing to or about:

  • Lighting Fixtures
  • Microphones
  • Backdrops
  • Special F/X
  • ATA Cases
  • Building YOUR team
  • Theatre Anatomy
  • Contract Riders
  • Buying vs. Renting
  • Working with Techs

The book is softback featuring 87 pages

Endorsed by Tom Burgoon and David Sandy.
Magicians sometimes forget they represent something greater then themselves – that being the art of magic.  In a way every performer should consider themselves ambassadors of the art because your performance is so much more than collecting a paycheck, it’s representing the art with respect.  People like Terry are the unsung hero’s because anyone in the industry knows putting out such a book isn’t going to make the author rich.  That is why Terry and others like him deserve accolades becuase they are doing it for the love of the artJoe Stevens 

Table of Contents:

  • Foreword
  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • So, You Want To Be A Magician
  • Production – is NOT flowers and silks
  • Anatomy & Physiology (of the theatre)
  • Your Team
  • Sets
  • Lighting
  • Audio
  • Music
  • Special Effects
  • Rehersals
  • Packaging and Transport
  • Setting Up The Show
  • Running The Show
  • Closing Thoughts
  • Further Reading
  • Resources

About The Author: 

Terry Magelssen has been performing magic since 1973. He went PRO in 1985 and since has been involved in large corporate and theatrical events on both sides of the stage. Writing, directing, consulting and performing. Terry is sought out for this knowledge and detailed experience of Technical Theater.  Yet Lighting, audio, set design, and other aspects of stagecraft have become his passion.  He also is very well-versed as to how to “pack it up and take it on the road!”  From working church basements to the finest theaters, Terry has been there and done that – again and again.  Terry well understands the concepted of the previously referred to “total visual experience.” If your looking for proof of Terry’s success he will fast admit that would be his marriage to wife Carol, their four grown young men and five grand children.  Yet if you are able to realize in that revelation, the level of success he has accomplished professionally in magic and theatre to have been able, along with his wife, to raise four children.

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