Stealth Deck (Blue) by Masuda – Trick


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The new generation of marked decks.

Effect: The spectator remembers one card from the shuffled deck and puts it back face down, and squares the deck.The magicians back is turned while this happens. There’s no way the magician can see what card was selected, but the magician can tell the name of the selection without touching the deck!

Features: You can use this deck just like any normal deck, and it can be a great help in an extreme situation. That… is the “Stealth Deck”You might be bored with this phrase “use this deck just like any normal deck”… but the Stealth Deck is completely different.

No matter how hard the spectator examines it, even if she/he is a magician, it is impossible to find out its secret.

  • 52 cards
  • No rough and smooth
  • Can be examined anytime
  • No Force
  • No sleight of hand

Typical marked decks are:

  • Hard to see or read
  • The marking will be moved or changed when you riffle the deck
  • You need to see the back therefore it limits the way you use the deck
  • There are many limitations. However, Stealth Deck solves all these problems with a brand-new method.

When you perform card magic with a regular deck and you want to do something really strong at the end… Stealth Deck is your go to deck!  Stealth Deck is the secret weapon for all magicians. Have fun with it.


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