Step Right Up – Paul Osborne (Book)


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Step Right Up! Witness the marvels of the world! See living and breathing humans, as they enter the Blade Box of Death! Watch in horror as the beautiful Brazilian model “Cilene (C-lane-a)” gets turned into a Gorilla! See the Living Half Girl!

Step Right Up! Is a unique book that deals with something that has fascinated magicians and carnies alike – a look behind the secret tent! Written and illustrated by Paul Osborne, this book shows and teaches the secrets of how to perform those special illusions that always play big at fairs, carnivals, haunted houses, traveling shows and walk-through.

It is the first book of its kind that details this often secret society, which will appeal to the just curious or the serious performer. The contents include:

  • Blade Box
  • Electric Chair
  • Girl to Gorilla
  • Girl in Fishbowl
  • Headless Lady
  • Head On Sword
  • Head Cremation
  • Living Half Girl
  • Mabel Illusion
  • Man With Three Legs (sorry, not the risqué version.)
  • Monster Guillotine
  • Seeing Through A Woman (now that I would pay for.)
  • Spidora

As “if” that wasn’t enough – purchase this book, and for a limited time you will also get – The Cardiff Giant and The Alligator Woman too!

The book is 8″ X 10″, spiral bound with over 62 pages, featuring freshly printed clear and concise details and plans. The sketches are very well produced and exceptionally vivid in detail.

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