Steve Dusheck 9th In the series Quick Change – AirShip


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The perfect seasoning to add after your signature coin effects. It’s quick, light hearted, visual and always gets a positive reaction. The Pro’s like Mullica and others would see the value of this immediately. But you don’t have to be a PRO to benefit from this easy to perform effect that will leave a lasting impression. One of clients has a love/hate relationship with this item. He is an accomplished coin mechanic, and despite years of study perfecting the most arduous sleights, when he runs into one of his audience members from the past they always say – “Hey do that Quick Change Trick again!” HA! It has to kill him every time he hears that. But he also knows in the end – its all about entertainment and making a lasting impression.

EFFECT: You concluded your favorite coin routine. Explain to the audience how easy it is for a magician to skillfully manipulate coins. Suppose he were to isolate a half dollar. This said, you remove a bulldog clip from your pocket. Clip the half dollar inside. Your fingertips hold the handle of the clip. Have a spectator hold out their hand. On their command you release the coin. Instantly and visibly the half dollar turns into two quarters that fall into their hand. Man, is this strong!

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