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I love this because it’s one of those rare effects that can incorporate both mentalism and visual magic at the same time! 

Finally – this technology applied to numbers which is perfect Mentalist interesting in adding some comedy to their act! 

Most anyone that is reading this probably is well aware of this type of technology and it’s previous applications in one way or another.  It’s usually for animated faces, like from a frown to a smile, or eye-brows that change position. And while that application is a great approach we at Stevens Magic because of our deep commitment to mentalism thought that digits that morph from one set to another will truly resonate with some of clients.   In fact this is a product we have been waiting for since October 2022.  We think you’re going to love it.   

The mentalist after collecting a unique three digit number form and individual points to a stick pad that has been sitting on the table that has been sitting there since the begging of the show. He lifts the notepad and states that if it has the random number that was derived from the participant he would be the greatest mentalist in the world.  He turns over the notepad to reveal the number that is seen on the notepad but the dismay of the performer the audience is not impressed and in fact it is NOT the correct number.  At this point, the mentalist admits he’s actually not such a great mentalist but instead he’s a really good magician and to everyone’s amazement the first number on the pad starts to slowly morph, the numbers actually start to move and for a while just the visual sensation of seeing this is impressive but when the movement stops it so happens that the number remaining IS an exact match after all.

  • Gimmick can be applied to more pads as needed
  • Comes with access to full instructional teach in the packaging has the link and password.
  • The approximate size of a standard notepad at 2 7/8″ x 2 7/8″ square.

Important: Unlike previous versions Sticky features a tremendously more resilient and durable mechanism that will stand the test of time as long as it’s used as it should be.  That is one of the things since product development started in October that was enhanced from the original prototype.  We are very excited that this issue was addressed and really studied in order to satisfy the demands of having a strong durable mechanism.


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