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Precision German Made Highest Quality! 

A classic of magic now available in Micro Magic sized which is fabricated using the highest quality materials and machinery in Germany.  Even better, the price it is being offered is close to what inferior versions sell for but no where near the quality. It’s a simple “No-Brainer.”  If you had the opportunity to purchase the highest quality version of an item for the same price that inferior units sell for – Which Would You Choose?   We personally evaluated these products and gave them our endorsement at Stevens Magic

Effect: You show the spectators your trained cube. It measures approx. 06″ x 06″ x .06″ square or 15x15x15 mm, is made of solid metal and has pretty colored dots on the sides. It fits in any pocket and is always ready to entertain your spectators! The cube is pierced and threaded onto a string. If the string is held vertically, the cube naturally slides down the string. But as soon as you say “stop” in a magic voice, the cube stops in the middle of the string. Of course, the cube also stops when the spectator says “stop”! Only when you command it to continue sliding will it do so. The cube slides down until another “stop” stops it again. You can stop the cube as often as you like and let it slide further. The cube stops on your command, but also on the command of the spectator! Whether they say stop or stay doesn’t matter, nor does a stop in another language! The cube even stops on the string if the spectator just thinks the word stop! There is room for comedy and entertainment.

Of course, the spectator also wants to try it. So you give him the dice in his hand. But no matter in which language he calls stop, the cube slides down and doesn’t even think of stopping! Can be repeated as often as you like and can be given for examination without hesitation.

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