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Note: This item depending on inventory on hand – COULD have an estimated 3 week fulfillment time.  We do not list it as a back-order if we are sold out at the shop because if necessary we can have them shipped directly. 

To see Viktor perform this, his signature effect, is to see true magic – Joe Stevens

The SUPER DeLuxe Flying Rings + Downloadable Light for Invisible Thread v.2. Video, Includes TWO sets of Ring – One for Practice, the other for Performance  + downloadable video + Additional Necessities.  Please note, this is for professional performers who are serious about the art of magic. Victor Voitko reveals the secrets of his prize-winner FISM act. While different variations have been sold in the past, this complete deluxe set is without question the way to proceed.

This set is made from polished aluminum. These rings look and sound like really stainless steel rings. Rings diameter is 34cm (13.4 inches). One special Key Ring with an original Victor Voitko idea for quick opening and closing with one hand and immediate showing of the connected rings.  One ring is gimmicked for the soaring. The third ring is un-gimmicked.

Victor reveals the secrets of his acts, explains the correct methods of the work, shows many combinations with one ring, with two rings and with three rings. Also explained is the correct way of setting the light and selecting background for invisible thread.

  • No special background needed.
  • No stage hookups needed.
  • No assistants needed

…only you and your imagination…

At the beginning of this downloadable video you see full video work with rings of Voitko in Switzerland.  The DeLuxe Flying Linking Rings Set includes:

Three special rings made from polished aluminum and covered with acrylic lacquer

  • The download-INSTRUCTION
  • The special bag for rings (TWO Sets)
  • The special gimmick
  • The download Light for Invisible thread (second edition)

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