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A $100 Value…For $50! These are two killer effects, real reputation makers. Two wonderful impromptu or stage effects!

SUPER MAGIC SQUARE: Ask for someone to tell you the year of an important personal event. In less than half a minute you complete a 4 x 4 magic square on the back of your own business card. Every column, row, the two diagonals, the four corners, and almost limitless other symmetrical combinations of 3-digit numbers add up to that very same year! No memory work. No complicated math. No worries! You even get a custom crafted business card wallet to enhance your presentation, as well as multiple methods for performing the same effect on stage!

SUPER SUDOKU: Newspapers all over the world are featuring daily a game called Sudoku. Here, four randomly selected people freely name 3-digit numbers. You write those numbers in different cells of a 16-cell grid. As a spectator counts down the time, you fill in the rest of the Sudoku game in less than a minute! Again, the rows, columns, and diagonals all add up to the same number! When performed together, these two routines will leave your audience stunned!


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